CentOS 7: How To Compile libRETs From Source

July 15, 2017

What is libRETs? libRETS is RETS client library written in C++ that allows rapid development of RETS client applications. By saving the developer from dealing with the RETS protocol details, the application writer can concentrate on their application, saving them time and money in the process. Issue: The current version of libRETs (1.6.2) requires swig 3.x and CentOS 7 currently ships with swig 2.x. Solution: We will need to compile swig 3. ... Read more

Continuous Integration: Part 2 - Setup a Jenkins Slave, Docker Registry, and Jenkinsfile (Pipeline)

July 8, 2017

Setup a Jenkins Slave / Node In Part 1, we launched a master Jenkins server. The problem is we can’t build containers within a container. It’s not recommanded to run Docker within Docker. Therefore, we need a Jenkins slave to help us build our containers. Create a workspace and initialize the Vagrantfile (local): mkdir jenkins-slave; cd jenkins-slave; vagrant init ubuntu/xenial64 Add this code on line 16 in the Vagrantfile. ... Read more

Continuous Integration: Part 1 - Setting Up VMs, Docker, and Jenkins

July 6, 2017

The goal is to setup a CD/CI (continuous delivery/continuous integration) workflow using opensource products. What’s in our toolbox? Ubuntu 16.04 Vagrant VirtualBox Jenkins Rancher Docker Before We Begin Can I use this for production? Yes and No. Yes, some steps can be apply to production. And while some steps such as disabling the firewall without a viable replacement (e.g aws security group) is definitely a “no-no” in production. ... Read more

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